Seed & Bone is the creation of Evelyn Block, farmer, herbalist, florist, and all around plant enthusiast.

Her love for all living things comes from an understanding that everything in nature is constantly existing between states of decomposition and growth - one of the reasons for the choosing of the name Seed & Bone. 


This body of work draws from Evelyn's background at The Evergreen State College, where she studied Environmental Science, Agriculture, and Community Development. Her education continues to serve as the foundation of her focus as she understands herself and her work to be part of the inescapable web that is our interconnectedness.

Using herself as the point of examination, she has been exploring the land her ancestors have called home, the spaces that have raised and taught her, and the communities along the way that have been her home. Her inquiry into self has led to the planning of urban garden spaces, endless work with flowers and plants alike, and a dedication to healing herself.  


 The garden is rooted in Detroit, MI

Growing native & nonnative herbs, flowers, vegetables, and collecting seeds to be used throughout our products, workshops, and artworks.


Synthesizing aromatherapy, herbalism, and biology

This plant based project is one step closer to re-welcoming traditional plant allies back into our lives.